I studied graphic design but then decided writing was more my forte. I started out as an advertising copywriter in 1997, but over the years I've had the opportunity to be involved in a diverse range of industries such as corporate comms, publications, social media, digital content, and PR. 

The key insight that I have gained is that good, relevant content is crucial to engaging any audience - whatever the channel may be. As such, I always make it a point to identify a unique angle for you that would capture your audience, while keeping a firm eye on your business goals. 

Because of my diverse experience, I can take a truly 360-degree view when coming up with strategies to make your message pop with your audiences. 

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“Creativity and innovation are about finding unexpected solutions to obvious problems, or finding obvious solutions to unexpected problems.”

Rei Inamoto, international advertising doyen



I've create attention-grabbing content for a wide range of genres, such as thought leadership, VVIP speeches, digital content, lifestyle, social activism, current affairs, and more.

This includes writing for various media such as internal communications, books and publications, websites, marketing collaterals, brand bibles, video scripts and more



His lateral thinking has enabled him to pivot his creative skills to related aspects of advertising, including journalism and cause marketing. Anyone who works with him will find him both invigorating and satisfying as he is full of ideas that work.

Leonard Lee, Brand Strategist/Coach at Humanice

Chee Seng wrote a number of articles for us, and they were consistently part of our best-performing articles regardless of which year we redistributed them on our channels. He greatly helped our site grow while opening up important conversations among our readers.

Lydia Kwan, Content Strategist, iMedia Asia

Chee Seng got me thinking - or rethinking - about writing in a way I hadn't done for decades. His one-hour webinar was a masterclass that I needed, and one that most writers in the new normal will definitely benefit from.

Alexandra Wong, Content creator with 15 years of journalism experience.


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