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His lateral thinking has enabled him to pivot his creative skills to related aspects of advertising, including journalism and cause marketing. Anyone who works with him will find him both invigorating and satisfying as he is full of ideas that work.

Leonard Lee, Brand Strategist/Coach at Humanice

Chee Seng wrote a number of articles for Cilisos and they were consistently part of our best-performing articles, regardless of which year we redistributed them on our channels. He greatly helped our site grow while opening up important conversations among our readers.

Lydia Kwan, Content Strategist, iMedia Asia

Writers are aplenty, but thinkers are few and far between. I worked with Chee Seng in Yahoo Malaysia and he was already a splendid writer back then. I highly recommend Chee Seng in any capacity.

Michael Kwan, Head of Tech, Traworld

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1. Chasing your audience trying to sell to them, or

2. Your audience coming to you ready to buy?

Almost everyone is spending precious money doing the first but most people don't even realise it's not impactful. This strategy is often a waste of time in today's hyper-messaged world. 

I can help you achieve the second scenario.

I write high-impact content that engages and converts your audience, incorporating key principles of marketing strategy, NLP and business storytelling. I also draw on my experience in Advertising and Marketing, digital marketing, digital and social media, PR, publishing and thought leadership content, as well as a Trainer and Coach, Teacher, and Community Leader.

That's why I can take a 360-degree strategic view of writing that captures your audience's attention and gets their buy-in. 

Scroll down and browse some samples of my work to get an idea of what I bring to the table when you bring me on board your project.

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Whether you are a business owner, consultant, solopreneur, or C-suite, thought leadership is a powerful way to build your visibility, reputation and influence. ( Unfortunately, thought leadership writing is considered ghostwriting and confidential work, so I can't publicly publish what I've written before. But you can ask me privately. )

My own thought leadership on writing, communications strategy, leadership and branding has received wide praise from audiences around Asia and the rest of the world.

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This is a quite challenging genre to write for. The content has to be well-researched to be credible, and well-written to keep readers engaged and turning the pages.

I enjoy the challenge because the experience and knowledge I gain help me grow as a person as well. I especially enjoy the challenge of developing a communication strategy that would best influence audiences.

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I like digital content because feedback from audiences is immediate, so you can see if the content works. This reaction data is very valuable for analysing or validating your digital strategy.

I've had great success in digital, with over half my content going viral compared to the global norm of less than 90% (most content get an average of just 8 shares!) In the process, I have gained some great insights into the principles of what makes content engaging and compelling for audiences.

Click on the pictures to read the full stories online.

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My experience in social media includes developing high-impact marketing campaigns, digital PR, and content strategy. My aim is always to spark conversations and engagement because a brand's social media has to be "social".

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