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What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.

David Ogilvy, the "Father of Advertising"



In all my work, the guiding principle is always, "why would the audience want to read this?" As a professional communicator, I wouldn't consider any job well done until I'm satisfied I had answered that question well for the project I am working on for you.

Take your time to browse my work to get an idea of what I bring to the table when you hire me for your project.



I'm very grateful to these publications for the opportunity to share my thoughts about writing and communications strategy to a larger audience.



This is a quite difficult genre to write for because the content has to be well-researched and well-written to keep readers engaged and turning the pages.

I enjoy the challenge of researching the subject matter because the experience and information helps me grow as a person as well. I especially enjoy the challenge of developing a writing strategy that would best influence audiences.



I like writing for digital because feedback from audiences is immediate, so you can see if the content works. This reaction data is very valuable for analysing or validating your digital strategy.

I've had consistent success in digital, and in the process, I have gained some surprising insights into what works. Scroll to the left or right, then click on the pictures to read the full stories online. 



My experience in social media includes developing marketing campaigns, digital PR, and content strategy.